SQUASH - Open Tournament this weekend 29/30 Aug

We are hosting an open tournament this weekend 29/30th August.

Unfortunately this means that there are no courts available for members from 10AM on both days for the whole day. (There may be some courts available early evening on Sunday.)

Posted at 16:35:PM on Wednesday 26 August 2015
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TENNIS - Centenary Clubs tournament on Saturday 12th September

We are hosting another Centenary Clubs tennis tournament at the Club on Saturday 12th September. This will mean that all the courts will be reserved from midday for the event.

We last hosted this annual event in September 2012 and once again we will have teams visiting from Dublin and also from Roehampton and Edgbaston Priory.

Following the days play there will be an evening dinner with live band.

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RACKETBALL - The UK's fastest growing sport - come and try it out

Racketball - the UK's fastest growing sport  - a great way to improve your fitness!

We will be starting a new racketball mix in session from Saturday 12th September.Racketball Mix In 2015

Posted at 14:23:PM on Wednesday 26 August 2015
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SQUASH - Adult group coaching every Sunday - sign up now

Adult group squash coaching

Adult group squash coaching sessions will start again on Sunday 6th September running for the whole term until 13th December.

The sessions will be run by club coach Alex Phillips are

4PM Club Standard (for club beginners to improvers level)

4PM Team Standard (for more advanced players)

Players just need to sign up for the term - the cost for the 14 weeks is £60 and you can register at reception or by reply to this email.

If you are unsure of which group to sign up for or have any questions, talk to Alex or Gary.

Posted at 14:10:PM on Wednesday 26 August 2015
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TENNIS - County Championships at the Club

It has been a distinctly wet week for the county championships this year - the first time that this has happened since we began hosting the event 5 years ago.

The event takes place on the hard courts and indoor courts and normally would have no impact on members opportunity to play. Unfortunately the bad weather means the tournament is taking place almost entirely indoors.

The event finishes on Sunday 27 August and the courts will get back to normal from Monday 28 August (bank holiday)

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TENNIS and SQUASH Coaching squads get underway from Tuesday 1st September

Coaching Groups get underway again

The new term starts again on Tuesday 1st September and unless otherwise advised by your coach, players should come along to the same time and session as last term.

The Autumn term runs until Sunday 20th December with a half term break where there are no sessions from Monday 26 Nov to Sun 1 Nov

We look forward to seeing you all back at the Club

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Paddy is leaving us this month...

We are sorry to say that Lee Padwick - known to everyone as Paddy will be leaving us this month.


Paddy has been working at the Club for over 10 years and is a really popular instructor with all fitness members past and present. More recently he has also been focusing on his DMS training and has introduced many members to the benefits of the Dynamic Movement Skills system.

Paddy will be moving on to work more closely on the DMS training systems and we wish him every success in his new venture.

If you would like to say farewell to Paddy just come along to the Club on Friday 4th September when we will be giving him a well deserved send off!

Posted at 13:48:PM on Wednesday 26 August 2015
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BRIDGE - Beginners Course starting 14 September

A 10 week Bridge course for beginners is starting on Monday evenings from 14th September

Click here for details

Posted at 13:44:PM on Wednesday 26 August 2015

BRIDGE - Mini bridge sessions starting for juniors...

A 10 week MINI BRIDGE course gets underway on Monday 7th September. Ideal for juniors and younger members.

Click here for full details

Posted at 13:33:PM on Wednesday 26 August 2015

TENNIS - Block bookings for winter season 2015-16

Winter season indoor and floodlight Block Bookings...

It is time to start thinking about winter block bookings for indoor and floodlit tennis courts. The bookings get underway from Monday 21st September and anyone interested in having a regular court booking throughout the autumn and winter should complete the application form and submit by 11th September.

Simply complete the application form and hand in at reception.

Floodlit court application form  Indoor Court application form

Please note that following the feedback from the "tennis section member survey" and also from many members throughout the course of last winter, the tennis committee have agreed to keep one indoor court available for week to week booking by members on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 7PM.

This decision was not taken lightly as we are aware that it will impact on block booking availability. We will be reviewing the take-up on  the week to week bookings on the available courts and if it turns out they are not being regularly used, we will reconsider the arrangements in January.

Advice/guidance on making your application...
  • Some times and evenings are more popular than others and we also have group sessions on some evenings which means less courts available for block booking. Mondays have less courts.
  • If a slot is oversubscribed then the booking is shared (eg three applicants for two slots would mean you would have no session one week out of three)
  • If you know that you can also play on another day or time - indicate that on the booking form - if the slot you apply for is oversubscribed and you cant have it every week, we may be able to give you a slot at another time or on another evening on the weeks when you dont get a court
  •  If the session (indoor) that you apply for is oversubscribed and you would play outdoor on weeks where you don't have a session - indicate that on the booking form and we may be able to give you an outdoor court.

7PM slots - Last year these were all taken inside and most slots were also taken outside with some sessions being overbooked which meant that members were allocated alternate weeks.

8:30PM slots - Last year Monday and Thursday indoor at 8:30pm was full but there were courts left available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. For outdoor courts, only Monday was full at 8:30pm last year - the other nights had courts still available at 8:30PM.

This year's courts available for block booking are shown below.

INDOOR at 7PM at 8:30PM
Monday 2cts 2cts
Tuesday 3cts 4cts
Wednesday 3cts 4cts
Thursday 3cts 4cts
OUTDOOR at 7PM at 8:30PM
Monday 3cts 3cts
Tuesday 3cts 3cts
Wednesday 3cts 5cts
Thursday 5cts 5cts

MORNING BLOCK BOOKINGS - Avoid the scramble for indoor courts and potentially missing out when the weather is bad by taking a season block booking for midweek mornings.If you are interested in a morning block booking, email reply or contact reception.

Posted at 16:26:PM on Wednesday 19 August 2015
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