proposed changes to format of Hants and IOW doubles leagues

The Hants & IOW LTA have communicated some proposals for changes to the Ladies Doubles leagues and are also asking the men to consider their position too. If you play in the Hants & IOW teams, please read the proposals and feed your thoughts back to the mens and ladies captains

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Dear Players and Officials

At the County's Annual General Meeting in December a motion was proposed reducing the number of players in a team from six to four. The rationale behind the proposal was that this would shorten the time taken to play the matches and enable some clubs to field a team which it might struggle to do were six players required. 

This proposal was only in respect of the Ladies competition and was thoroughly debated with the result that it was agreed that further consideration would be given to this and options would be placed before both players and officials.

After much discussion and representation from various parties a number have options have been proposed and are shown below:

  1. No changes
  2. Retaining the current format but starting at 1pm
  3. 2 pairs only
  4. 2 pairs only starting at 1pm
  5. Attempt to have one extra team in the division either on a 2 or 3 pair basis

The option of retaining the current structure for the top divisions whilst revising the lower divisions was considered. However, it was felt that there were too many difficulties associated with this as some teams would still wish to retain three pairs in the lower divisions and the effects upon teams resulting from promotion and relegation.

One other point discussed at the AGM was the effects upon players in the top divisions being reduced and the possibility of any new teams being recreated from the changes entering the league in a division commensurate with their ability. This was considered but it was concluded to be unworkable and unfair to other clubs. Consequently, any new teams which are created as a result of the reorganisation will have to enter in the bottom division.

Whilst the proposal was only in respect of the Ladies leagues we would welcome the views of the Men's teams also. 

Please can you consider these options within your club and advise your Match Secretaries and the County Office with views.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Peter Grinyer

Chairman - Hants & IOW LTA

Posted by : WR&F at 9:15:AM on Wednesday 16 May 2012
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