Croquet at Winchester Racquets and Fitness

Croquet is a sociable and enjoyable game - not the vicious game it is often made out to be! It is played by all ages and is one of the few games where women can play on level terms with men. Winchester Croquet Club caters for all levels from beginners to county standard. We have excellent lawns and club facilities and there is all year round play at the Club.

There is plenty of opportunity for friendly games and for the more competitively minded there is ample scope to play in Club or Inter Club competitions.

Special reduced membership fees are available for new players in their first year. We also offer free coaching and use of equipment for beginners.

Interested? Come and have a free trial! Contact the Club here or call Nigel, Jan or Rita below.

Croquet Contacts

For more information please get in touch with:

Nigel Hind:01794 340023

Jan Jonston: 01252 842954

Rita Nunn:01794 515005