Croquet Members' Info

Croquet Club Guidelines for Members


There is a croquet club sub section committee which reports into the main Racquets and Fitness committee. Any queries, suggestions or complaints relating to croquet should be raised with the croquet committee.



These run each week as follows:

Monday GMT 1pm BST 2pm Association Croquet (AC)
Tuesday 6pm (BST only) Golf Croquet (GC)
Thursday GMT 1:30pm BST 2pm GC
Saturday 10am GC/AC
Mix-in sessions usually last 2 to 2.5 hours for GC, 3 hours AC, depending on weather conditions and daylight.



All regular players are encouraged to put their names forward for inter club matches and sign up for club tournaments and ladders.



Coaching sessions are set up from time to time and may always be requested.



Visiting players are welcome, but must be accompanied by a club member. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that their visitors are aware of relevant club regulations / conventions and that the visitor fee is paid (this can be done at the reception desk). Visitors may attend a maximum of three times, after which they are expected to take up full membership.



Balls and the club’s mallets are stored in the cupboard at the back of the main clubhouse. Keys are kept at the reception desk. In the pavilion are kept lawn maintenance tools, lawn pegs, extra turn tokens, bisque sticks and scoring clips.

If you are the last person leaving the croquet area at the end of a session, please ensure that everything is stored where it should be, both the pavilion and cupboard are locked, and keys returned to the reception desk.

Members are expected to use the clubhouse facilities for food and drink.


Bookings and calendar

Booking of croquet courts is done using the same system as tennis and squash courts. This may be done in person at the reception desk, by phone or online. The booking system allows for two games on each lawn. The number (1 or 2) identifies the lawn and A or B denotes the primary or secondary game. Please note when booking that mixing AC and GC games on the same lawn does not work.

Additionally there is a Google calendar (also visible on this website) which lists club league matches, tournaments, social events and committee meetings. Since the Google calendar and club booking system are not connected, if you are setting up either a league match or a club tournament you need to ensure it is entered in both calendars.

Members may book lawns at any times apart from regular mixins and club tournaments, but priority is given to league matches. Occasionally (usually no more than once a year) a mixin session has to be cancelled due to hosting a regional league match or tournament.



Our lawns are open all year and consideration should be given to weather conditions. Lawns (or parts of lawns) may not be used when frosty. At certain times, to protect the lawns, jump shots are not allowed. The committee will advise when this is the case.

So that play can start promptly some of our members choose to arrive early and prepare the croquet courts, which we greatly appreciate. This preparation may include:

Setting up pegs and adjusting hoops
Moving bird nets
Sweeping up twigs, leaves, worm casts etc.
We encourage all members to ‘do their bit’ and contribute to these activities before sessions start and help clear up afterwards.



We have eight sets of balls (four primary, four secondary). The balls in brown plastic tubes are for casual mixins and the Jacques balls in wooden racks reserved for match play. If after play balls have mud or lawn treatment on them, please rinse them before putting them away.



In common with most sports clubs, we expect members to provide their own equipment which in this case means bringing your own mallet. We have a pool of loaner mallets for beginners, visitors etc., but regular use of these by club members is discouraged.


Timekeeping at Mix-ins

Please arrive on time for mix-in sessions. This means that at the set starting time (see above) you should be dressed for croquet and ready to start playing. If you are not ready to play at the set starting time, we may not be able to accommodate you immediately and you’ll have sit out until the first games have completed. When selecting players for the first games of the session, the priority should be to get play started on time rather than fitting in those who arrive later. In general once a game has started, the mix of players will not be changed.

At busy times, we set a time limit of 45 minutes on GC games. It will be made clear at the start of play that this is the case. The time limit applies to all games on both courts, no matter how tense and critical the state of play appears to be. When time is called, each player will play two more strokes at which point the score reached is the final score. Extra turns may not be used once time is called. No allowance is given for time waiting for other game(s) on the same court.



The personal information that you provide as part of the membership process is stored and used in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, see the Privacy Policy elsewhere on this website for details.

Your Winchester Croquet Club membership includes membership of the Croquet Association (CA). Although you do not need to register with the CA to participate in Winchester club activities, this is required to enter some regional tournaments and to receive the CA monthly journal. In order to register for CA membership you will need to complete a GDPR consent form, ask a croquet club committee member how to do this.