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Members Funding initiative.....

Some ideas on raising funding for the indoor court project were recently circulated to members. Following further review, the management committee have decided to promote the "member's special loan" arrangement that has been used in the past by the Club.

Members are invited to loan a sum of money to the Club and benefit from a reduction in membership fees. Key points of this arrangement are

  • minimum loan period of 3 years
  • up to 4.6% reduction in membership fees i.e. up to £46 reduction on fees for every £1K loan placed with the Club *
  • minimum loan of £1,000
  • maximum loan - the loan cannot be so high as to result in a reduction in fees that would exceed the value of the membership/s  - example. A loan of £20K would mean a reduction in fees of up to £920 per annum. This loan could be accepted if there were family memberships totalling at least that value but it could not be accepted if there was only one gold membership at £595

* The Club is prepared to give "up to" 4.6% reduction in fees. However if members wish to help support the Club by opting for a lower rate then this can be indicated on the special loan agreement form that is completed when lodging the loan with the Club.

If you are interested in a "special loan" then please contact Billy Kerr, General Manager at the Club. 01962 854028

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