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NEW.... Sunday Tennis Mix In

There will be a new Sunday tennis Mix in starting from Sunday 23rd May at 4PM.

The session is open to all members of any ability and will be coordinated intitailly by Ternnis Chairman Peter Friedmann. It is intended that a different tennis member / committe member will be able to help by hosting the session each week.

if you are interested in attending please email to give us an indication of numbers attending and court requirements.

The intended format of the session is outlined below

Format for Sunday afternoon club play

  • The session will start at 4 p.m.
  • Balls will be provided and an entrance fee of £1.50 will be charged to cover the balls
  • As people arrive the organiser will assign them to teams.
  • Pairs will be drawn to play pairs from other teams.
  • Play will be for 30 minutes - the number of games won by each pair will go into their team's total.
  • In subsequent rounds different pairings will be named - it is likely that 4 rounds will be played.
  • At the end the team which has accumulated the highest number of games will be declared the winner - and we can all have a drink (of some sort) to celebrate.
  • We will keep the format under review and if there is desire to do something different we can change it.
Peter Friedmann
Tennis Chairman

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