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New Name for the Club...

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New Trading Name for the Club….

Over the past few months the management committee has been considering our Club name and whether it truly reflects the main facilities and activities at the Club.

Our fitness centre and studio has generated over £200,000 in income in the past financial year and is central to the ongoing viability of the Club. Much of our promotional activity is also centered on fitness. However there is no mention of fitness in our Club name or logo and the view was taken that we should change to something that included fitness.

We consulted with some other clubs who had gone through the process, Chichester Racquets and Fitness and Surbiton Rackets and Fitness being two examples. Both these clubs reported positive benefits in terms of fitness enquiries and membership as a result of the change.

We also looked at the costs involved and decided that to avoid legal costs and much additional work changing our rules, bank accounts etc, we would simply retain our current name but trade as "Winchester Racquets and Fitness". We have also chosen a new logo, again avoiding incurring potentially expensive rebranding costs by staying close to the existing logo.


We will now be referring to ourselves as Winchester Racquets and Fitness in all communications (you may already have heard the staff answer the phone to that name) and over the next few weeks there will be a gradual phasing out of the existing logo on all materials as we replace it with the new club logo.

The Management Committee is confident that the new name will help change any perceptions that we are only a tennis and squash club and that it will greatly enhance our image as a modern sports club with professional quality fitness facilities.

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