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Club juniors go to the Dutch Junior Squash Open.....

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Report on the Dutch Junior Open 2012

During my work experience I was training to become a squash coach/player, and as part of that experience I recently went on a squash tournament in Amsterdam to compete with other full time junior squash players from all over the world. This was to give me an insight of what standard I had to become to be a successful squash player. However it also gave me the opportunity to improve on my coaching skills, helping and giving advice/support for people from my club and others during their matches.

In the tournament I entered the U17 with 5 matches overall and came 80th out of about 120 players. I won 3 of my matches and lost 2, which were both from the USA, but I thought I played quite well at the end of week but was a bit nervous at the beginning, which was where I lost the matches more often. Nevertheless my confidence and luck grew as the week went on and I started to play a lot better squash that helped me win my last few matches at the end of the tournament.

I went with the Winchester squad, which included players such as Adam Corcoran (U15- 27th place), Josh Carter (U17 - 70th place), Alistair King (U19 - 39th place) and Jono Russell (U15 - 70th place). For Alistair and Jono this was their first European tournament out of England and despite their nervousness they delivered tremendous squash and a positive attitude towards not just their game but to everyone as well. Unfortunately in Jono's first round he played an unseeded Egyptian (lost 3-0) who eventually got to the semi - finals and lost to the number #2 seed 3-2. Alistair on the other hand got a bye in his first round and then played a Canadian who was seeded 9/16. He was a bit slow at the start of the match then played awesome at the end and eventually lost 3-1.             

This was josh's 3rd European tournament (after Belgium and Germany) so he was quite confident even before his matches started. In his first round he played an unseeded Australian and they both showed the standards of professional squash, unfortunately josh lost 3-0 but still maintained a positive attitude throughout and after the match. His confidence also grew as the week went on and won his last 2 matches at the end of the tournament. However the one person that showed the most confidence and just pure awesomeness was Adam Corcoran who won his first 2 rounds (beating the 9/16# in the second round) and played outstanding and professional squash throughout the entire tournament; he was the only one to finish in the top 32 from Winchester.     

As you could imagine we were all extremely tired while coming back from Amsterdam and the long journey in the car didn't help our tiredness either. It was about an 8 hour journey back to England and it felt a lot shorter than the way there, mainly because we all fell asleep at some point either in the car or ferry.

Written by Tom Kirby             
Club U19 champion 

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