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Bridge Club celebrate 40th anniversary

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Winchester Bridge Club had their 40th Anniversary this month.

Picture (left to right) Winchester Bridge Club Chair, Bob McRobert, English Bridge Union Vice-Chair, Jeremy Dhondy, Rosie White, Hampshire & IOW Bridge Chair, Andy Hughes, Ladies European & Olympic Champion, Heather Dhondy, former county chair and club member, Jeremy Baker and founding member, David Parry

To celebrate the occasion, 33 members and seven guests gathered at the club, which is a section of Winchester Racquets & Fitness.

Among the distinguished guests were founding member, David Parry, his partner, Rosie White, international stars Heather and Jeremy Dhondy, former Hampshire chair, Jeremy Baker, his successor, Andy Hughes and former member and director, Steve Howell.  Memories were stirred by short addresses from some of the guests, who recounted the background to today's thriving club.  Everyone enjoyed the evening, following light refreshments with a friendly session of teams or rubber bridge.

It was no surprise that Ladies World Champion, Heather, partnering David Parry with club teammates, Alistair Thomson and Greg Matthews won the teams.  Heather's husband, Jeremy, partnering Rosie with club chair, Bob McRobert and Roger Melly as teammates were second

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