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Members Booking screen on can now confirm arrival for your court...

Members can now check themselves in for their court on the member screen at reception...

Recently we reported that members could view bookings on the member screen at reception without the need to log in. Useful for seeing which court they were on... it has now been set so that you can also confirm your arrival for your court. All you need to do is click on your booking, tick the "arrived" box, enter your password and it will be confirmed. Very useful if there is a queue of people at reception and you need to get on court quick.

....the earlier email if you missed it gives instruction on booking on the reception member screen...see below

Members can view the court bookings on the screen on the reception counter now without logging in. So if you just want to check court availability or check which court you are booked on, you can do it quickly without logging in or waiting to ask the reception staff. (However please make sure to let them know that you have arrived for your booked court otherwise you could be recorded as a no show!)

Members can still book courts on this screen (and also view leagues). To book just click on the cell in the normal way, you are asked to enter your name (surname) and a drop down list appears - just select your name from the list, enter opponents name (optional) then enter your password and the booking will be made.

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