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TENNIS - Winter season block bookings...

Winter season indoor and floodlight Block Bookings...

Believe it or not it is time to start thinking about winter block bookings for indoor and floodlit tennis courts. The bookings get underway from Monday 22nd September and anyone interested in having a regular court booking throughout the autumn and winter should complete the application form and submit by 14th September.

Simply complete the application form and hand in at reception.

Floodlit court application form  Indoor Court application form

Advice/guidance on making a your application...
  • Some times and evenings are more popular than others and we also have group sessions on some evenings which means less courts available for block booking.
  • If a slot is oversubscribed then the booking is shared (eg three applicants for two slots would mean you would have no session one week out of three)
  • If you know that you can also play on another day or time - indicate that on the booking form - if the slot you apply for is oversubscribed and you cant have it every week, we may be able to give you a slot at another time or on another evening on the weeks when you dont get a court
  •  If the session (indoor) that you apply for is oversubscribed and you would play outdoor on weeks where you don't have a session - indicate that on the booking form and we may be able to give you an outdoor court.

7PM slots - Last year these were all taken inside and most slots were also taken outside with some sessions being overbooked which meant that members were allocated alternate weeks.

8:30PM slots - Last year Monday and Thursday indoor at 8:30pm was full but there were courts left available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. For outdoor courts, only Monday was full at 8:30pm last year - the other nights had courts still available at 8:30PM.

This year's courts available for block booking are shown below.

(NOTE that Mondays have less courts available than other evenings)

INDOOR at 7PM at 8:30PM
Monday 2cts 2cts
Tuesday 4cts 4cts
Wednesday 4cts 4cts
Thursday 4cts 4cts
OUTDOOR at 7PM at 8:30PM
Monday 3cts 3cts
Tuesday 3cts 3cts
Wednesday 3cts 5cts
Thursday 5cts 5cts

MORNING BLOCK BOOKINGS - Avoid the scramble for indoor courts and potentially missing out when the weather is bad by taking a season block booking for midweek mornings. 

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