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TENNIS - Players needed to join daytime fours...

Some groups of members are sometimes having difficulty getting four players together with some of their players dropping out for one reason or another, injury, illness etc. They have asked to see if we can recruit some more players for their groups.

If you are looking to play  daytime tennis and would like to join a group to play (or another group if you are already playing and want more play) , we can try and match you up.

If you are part of a group who are struggling to get four players out every week and would like some new faces to join you - email reply with your group details - when you usually play, standard etc and Alison will try and match up any players she may have who are looking for the chance to play more tennis.

Likewise, if you are someone looking to play more -  please email reply and your name will be passed to Alison who will try and help match you up with an existing group.

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