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Racketball takes off at the Club... try a free taster session with the coach...

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After bubbling under for a number of years at the club,  being played by a small group of dedicated members every week,  the popularity of racketball is growing fast and we now even have our own internal staff racketball box leagues.

Now that tennis members have squash and racketball included in their membership, the opportunity is there to try out a new activity. At a taster session this week the feedback from some of our tennis ladies was "fantastic..we will be back for more!" Racketball would also be a great addition to anyone's fitness programme providing a great aerobic workout due to the longer rallies.

Played with a larger bouncy ball and short handled racket, the game is immediately accesible for any ability and level of fitness - check out the link . Why not give it a go, we are running a taster session with club coach and professional player Alex Philips on Friday 7th FEb from 11:00AM - regular Friday morning tennis players could come along after they have played their morning session (and had their post match coffee!)

Just come along...if you do plan to come, it would help if you give your name to reception, just to give us an indication of numbers.

The aim is to grow interest in Racketball and extend the number of box leagues and increase daytime use of the courts where there is lots of availability. On those wet days when the indoor courts are all booked have an alternative!

We hope to see you there next week.... we are also planning some evening/weekend  taster sessions so if you are interested in trying the game out, just email reply with your preferred days times. Once we have sufficient interest, we can set up more sessions.

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