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JUNIOR TENNIS - Squads info - end of term - payments - refunds etc


The Junior squads will end this Saturday 12 July - there are no squads on Sunday as the annual Babolat Open tennis tournament starts that day and all hard courts are needed for the event.

The squads will restart again on Monday 1st September and will run until Sunday 21st December.

Generally the majority of players will come back to the same squads and timings but there are always some changes during the summer and any players who will be moving squads will be notified well in advance.


As already explained back in September 2013, the payment process is over 12 months with the annual cost of the squads (38 weeks of squad coaching)  being divided into 12 equal monthly payments. That means that payments will still come out in August.

This was the info circulated last year...

About the pricing
The new set up includes the fees for a full years coaching and also includes junior membership of the club. The monthly fee is the total annual amount divided over 12 months – so although there are no squads in August for example, we will still collect a monthly payment in that month.
The advantages of the new arrangement are that it reduces administration and spreads the outlay for parents.
The charges are based on the number of minutes of group coaching (including group fitness) attended each week. So to check how much you will be paying, you can refer to the pricing grid.

The general information sheet also has some more details of the new arrangement


Refunds for any cancelled sessions (rained off or coach unavailable, Monday Bank Holidays, plus all squads that should have been on Sunday 13 July) will be applied in the August payment.

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