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TENNIS - Dress Code Reminder...

We are really keen to encourage all levels of players and all age groups to get on court but would ask that all players please observe the dress code for tennis.

The "recognised tennis clothing and footwear" policy does give a lot of leeway for interpretation but it is expected that we don't see the following on court (and yes, they have all been seen on court recently at one time or another!)

football tops- beach shorts - canvas deck shoes - vest tops (men) - school uniforms -

non sports t shirts/fashion t shirts - bare feet - combat style shorts - bermuda shorts - cargo shorts

This is not the full list, there will be other things that have been spotted that are inappropriate, but if players can observe the correct dress code it would be greatly appreciated. The staff have been asked to remind members where relevant. Parents - can you also help support this by making sure that your child is dressed appropriately when they are coming to play at the club.

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