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CROQUET - Armada Trophy report...

ARMADA TROPHY Hamptworth CC Saturday June 6th 2014

The annual Armada Trophy organised by the Southern Croquet Federation took place at Hamptworth on a blustery day on Sat June 6th.

There were 5 teams managed by Chris Roberts of Phyllis Court CC. This is a handicap 14 point AC Doubles event. Each team was to play the other teams in 1 ½ hour matches. Winchester had 2 pairs (Roger Barnacle and Artur da Silva and Keith Mackenzie Ross and Glynis Hassall).

In the morning, Roger and Artur beat the favourites Richard Dickson and Vic Stilwell from Hamptworth and Keith and Glynis beat last year’s winners Chris and Frances Colman (P Ct CC), so the Winchester teams had 1 victory out of two games. In the afternoon Keith and Glynis lost to Richard and Diana Stevens of Hamptworth and Roger and Artur lost to Chris and Frances. This left a match between the 2 Winchester teams. When ‘time’ was called (leaving only one turn left for each team) the match was even at 9 points each. Roger left a risky leave at hoop 1 for Artur; Glynis had a 7 yard shot to hit in on the East Boundary, which she hit and ’took off’ over to Hoop 1, sorted out the balls there, ran the hoop and left for cover. Score 10 – 9! Artur had the last turn, but unluckily, his ball stuck in the hoop for a draw and a possible win. Score 10 -9  to Keith and Glynis.

Chris and Frances were the eventual winner with 3 wins out of 4. 

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