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TENNIS - Another tough match for mens B team...

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Winchester Mens B  v Hampshire A

From the frying pan into the fire, after playing the Mens A team we now faced the Hampshire A team (runners up to our A team last Winter).  They may not have been quite the force they have been in the past, they still put out a very strong team including former Winchester member Chris Egby, and Josh Ashton (2013 Hampshire Club singles champion)

Our first (Daniel/Chris) and third pair (Gareth/Dave) played in the “bubble”, whilst the second pair (Ben Y/Kevin) played on the indoor carpet.  Our first pair halved against the 3rd pair (Chris Mitchell/Mike Moir) and the 2nd pair (Chris Egby/Callum Li), and pushed their first pair (Josh Ashton/Patrick Connolly) taking them to a tiebreak in the first set and narrowly losing the 2nd.  Ben and myself were slow starters in all 3 rounds but then took all 3 pairs to tiebreaks in the second sets, converting against the 3rd pair and against the 1st pair served for the second set and had 2 set points  but could not finish them off.  Gareth and Dave had  tough matches against all the pairs and had to face their 1st pair while they were at their freshest, and had a closer match against their second pair.

Overall not an unexpected result, losing 7.5-1.5, but shows that we can compete in the top division of the Southampton league

Kevin Harris

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