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SQUASH - Box Leagues report for June...

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Leahy toughs it out at the top!

Josh Leahy won the Winchester box leagues for the first time in what promises to be a long and distinguished career. The crucial match was an epic 70 minute encounter of brutal physical squash with 2nd placed Matthew Yates which culminated in a tight 3-0 win. Demonstrating increased speed and maturity on court Josh is going to be hard to shift from top spot although Jon Sampson and Will Maclean are going to provide a stiff challenge to him, both having won their leagues in order to gain promotion to the Premier.

League Winner

Premier Josh Leahy
1A Jon Sampson
1B Will Maclean
2A Nick Harley
2B Paul Sanders
3A Mark Mack
3B Paul Sessions
4A Colin Clubley
4B Christopher Khiara
5A Julian Russell
5B Karl Oliver
6A Giles Andrews
6B Timothy Parker

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