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SQUASH - Winchester Junior Open 2014 report...

Winchester Junior Open 2014.... results online here

The prestigious Winchester Junior Open Squash Tournament took place last weekend.  Players travelled from all over the South to take part, including 12 juniors from Bristol and 14 from Guernsey.  With over 100 competitors in total playing over 200 matches between them it was a true festival of squash, the culmination of which was the tightest of finals between our own Josh Carter and Tom Kirby, with Josh just squeezing it 16-14 in the fifth game.


The club had a particularly good haul of trophies this year.  Aside from Josh and Tom, Adam Corcoran won the BU17, Annabel Vaughan finished runner-up in the GU15, Joe Sutton-Welch finished runner-up in the BU11 and Olivia Besant finished runner-up in the GU11.

Congratulations to all winners and runners-up and thanks to the club and all volunteers for making it such a great event.
Boys Under 19
Winner: Josh Carter (Hampshire)
Runner Up: Tom Kirby (Hampshire)

Boys Under 17
Winner: Adam Corcoran (Hampshire)
Runner Up: Todd Bennett (Gloucestershire)

Girls Under 17
Winner: Karina Tyma (Avon)
Runner Up: Freya Lane (Gloucestershire)

Boys Under 15
Winner: Calli Smith (Wiltshire)
Runner Up: Patrick Josey (Guernsey)

Girls Under 15
Winner: Yemaya Phillips-Smith (Kent)
Runner Up: Annabel Vaughan (Hampshire)

Boys Under 13
Winner: Jason Mcanally (Berkshire)
Runner Up: Toby Ponting (Hampshire)

Girls Under 13
Winner: Amelia Leslie (Oxfordshire)
Runner Up: Maia Pannell (Dorset)

Boys Under 11
Winner: Luca Campbell-Wynter (Dorset)
Runner Up: Joe Sutton-Welch (Hampshire)

Girls Under 11
Winner: Jasmine Tranter (Oxford)
Runner Up: Olivia Besant (Hampshire)

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