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TENNIS - Apsley A beat the rain and their opponents.....

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Our Apsley A team won an eventful 2nd match of the season on grass (more like a pond) at South Hants...

With discussions about the weather raging on for days before, it was decided after a court check in the morning that the match would proceed, despite all the rain and heavy showers filling the forecast. As the Winchester team took to the court to warm up, we soon realised it was going to be very interesting with dry but very soft grass courts, very low bounces, and many not bouncing. 'Don't let it bounce, volley everything' was the cry as we started our matches

Tal Russ and Helen Thorpe took on their no 1's, and managed to win the first set before suspending play on court 1 after a shower as it wasn't drying as it was sheltered by a large tree. Court 2, with Stu Levy playing with Freya Davies were a set down when more rain suspended play. Court 3 saw Patrick Warburton team up with Claire Coomer and win their match 6/1 6/2 before taking cover from the rain and on court 4 current Winchester Mixed champions Mike Johnson and Liz Davies also made light work of their opponents 6/2 6/1 before retiring to the dry clubhouse.

After numerous cups of tea and pieces of cake, the mixed matches resumed with Tal and Helen coming through 6/3 6/4 and Stu and Freya came through in 3 sets being after being a break down in the 3rd.

So the doubles started and after several slips, and falls it was apparent that play wasn't possible on court 1 again, but the other 3 courts persevered through some quite heavy rain at times.

Court 3 saw Patrick and Mike take the 'finish it quickly and get out the rain' approach just losing 1 game, but still getting fairly wet in the process. The ladies however couldn't pass the opportunity to play in a pond off and both came through in 3 sets, all getting absolutely soaked, as can be seen from the picture (Helen, Claire and Freya, at lest they are smiling after their victory and soaking). The opposition agreed to concede the last match (technically we would be expected to return and finish it on another day?) So an 8-0 victory, and the A team are yet to drop a rubber

Well done team and what commitment!

Mike Johnson

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