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TENNIS - Bookings procedure and dress code reminder


Now we are in the summer season the issue of dress code returns again as we start to see a "range" of attire on court! As a reminder to all, the dress code for playing on the tennis courts is "recognised tennis clothing and  footwear". Clearly from what we see the professionals playing and training in these days, that can cover a really wide range of colours and styles for both male and female players. So it is probably easier to list some of the no no's.

NO NO NO... Vest tops (men/boys), football tops, beachwear, combat style shorts, denims, general fashion t shirts, deck shoes, normal shoes, school uniforms.... yes they have all made an appearance on our courts recently!

This is just another gentle reminder that they should not be seen on court. Please respect the dress code. Parents if your child is coming to play at the club, can you please make sure that they have the right kit and footwear...and juniors, if your parents don't have the right kit... remind them too!

Staff and coaches will be asked to remind anyone who is on court and not suitably attired of the correct club dress code.


Some general reminders

Sweep the artificial clay courts after play

There have been occasions recently where members arrive to play and the courts are not swept. Please remember to sweep the courts after you play (even if it is the last session in the evening). It not only makes it better for the members coming on next but it also preseves the condition of the court itself.

Adult priority on courts 1-8

Adult members have priority on courts 1-8. This does not mean that juniors cannot play on these courts, simply that we may not be able to accept advance bookings on them for junior members. This is particularly the case at peak times such as weekend mornings and evenings after 6PM.

Check in before play

Always check in before play so that reception are aware that the court is in use. Otherwise your court may be allocated to someone else.


You can cancel a court by yourself up to 48 hours ahead. However within 48 hours you will need to call the Club to cancel. We do this to monitor late cancellations in case there are persistent offenders. Please always cancel your court though if you cant make it as we are then able to reallocate it.

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