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FITNESS - Train like an Olympian

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With the Olympics underway why not get in the mood by training like an Olympian?


From sprinting to swimming, gymnastics to archery, one thing ALL the Olympic athletes have in common is a consistent strength program to support their training. Whether it is to increase their speed as a sprinter, strength as a gymnast, power as a tennis player or simply to stay injury free, each athlete at the Olympics will have an individually designed strength training program to help them achieve their goals.


Not only has strength training been shown to improve physical performance, it has also been found to raise metabolism to burn fat, build muscle, improve bone mineral density to keep bones strong and healthy, reduce resting blood pressure, improve mobility, flexibility and reduce lower back pain. So even if we aren’t an Olympic athlete, all good reasons to utilise strength training!


Speak to one of the fitness team today who will be more than happy to design and assist with you a strength program to help you be healthier, happier and possibly break some world records!

Come on team GB!

Written by Tom Smith, Fitness instructor & Strength and conditioning coach

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