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FITNESS - Bending Back, Let's Avoid That

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One of the most common faults seen in the gym, and other day-to-day activities, is poor back position throughout movement.

A curved or rounded spine when lifting weights or general objects can lead to serious injuries.


When we exercise, walk, lift heavy loads, lift small loads, move off the sofa, unload the dishwasher or literally anything any thing else, we should always look to maintain a neutral spine position throughout the movement. Below shows examples of three spinal positions. We want to maintain the position shown in the middle (neutral spine).




Adopting a poor back position can lead to a catalogue of injuries, including slipped discs and trapped or damaged nerves. We should always look to hinge at the hips rather than bend at the back


How do we go about this?

Well, the first step is to be conscious of the spinal position we are adopting and actively look to maintain a neutral position. Sounds easy, but this can be surprisingly harder than you expect. Try standing side-on to a mirror with an item at knee height, reach to pick up the item, and try to keep a flat neutral spine... how did you do?

Some of you will have achieved this no problem, others may have struggled.


To resolve the issue we need to develop a neural understanding of our spine and pelvis positions, and how we can control this throughout movements. This can be done through several basic exercises that work the body through a various range of motions, maintaining a good position.


If you would like more information on this topic, please book in with a member of the fitness team who will be happy to discuss further and help you improve.




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