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Wimbledon Tickets - Draw dates 2017

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The general consensus was that having two Wimbledon ticket draws last year was a success (particularly if you were lucky enough to get tickets!).


So the Club will again run two draw evenings this year, so if you are unable to make it to one of the draws you can attend the other… and if you are not lucky at the first draw you can come along to the second one and try again!

The dates of our draws are

Friday 7th April and Sunday 7th May - Both at 7PM

Remember—you need to be a British Tennis Member and have OPTED IN to be in the draw—make sure you have “opted in” on your British Tennis Membership Profile

If you are not on this list of OPTED IN members you wont be able to get tickets - click here to check

(Note that you will also have to be a current fully paid up active member of the Club to attend the draw)

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