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FITNESS - New Year, New Training

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As we enter the New Year, welcoming a few new faces to the gym, it may be time to freshen up our training schedule or start a new programme. As I have mentioned before we quickly become accustomed to our training and need to regularly change or progress what we are doing. Here are a couple of quick tips to change and enhance your training for January.


Change the reps, change the weight


If you have been doing the same amount of sets and reps for months on end, it’s probably time to give this a change. Let's say we can push 110 lbs (49.5kg) for 10 reps, why not try and push that for 12? or 15?. Alternatively, we could change our rep range all together and look to achieve 5 reps with a heavier weight (approximately 140-170lbs). By altering the reps or weight the body is required to stimulate to adapt and avoid plateauing.


Change the piece of CV equipment you are using


Always use the treadmill? Never use the bike or ARC trainer? Give them a go! The different direction of force (force vectors) required on each piece of CV equipment mean that more or different musculature can be activated. By simply changing the piece of equipment used, we can achieve progressions throughout the body.


Try something different


If your training programme only consists of aerobic training on the CV equipment, try adding some weights. If you only use the weights, try adding some cardio to your programme. Resistance and cardio training raise the metabolism and our potential to burn fat higher than cardio training alone. Furthermore, cardio training added to a weights programme increases our capacity to perform more work. If we find ourselves out of breathe at rep 10 or 15, adding cardio into our programme will help us achieve those 15 reps more efficiently.


Seek some advice and just ask!


Between the team of 3 fitness instructors on hand in the gym (Brad, Sophie and I), we hold an abundance of fitness knowledge. If you have any issues or any particular goals that you are looking to achieve, we would love to discuss them with you and offer advice. Perhaps you are not sure on the technique of an exercise, would like to add a new exercise to your programme, or have no idea if what you are doing is going to achieve your goals at all, we are more than happy to help!




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