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Racketball - Health & Fitness Benefits

The latest, up-and-coming racquet sport could be more beneficial for you than you think!


As well as the great social & enjoyment factors achieved, racketball offers a wide range of health benefits. Playing racketball regularly will not only burn calories and increase your general fitness levels, but boost your immunological system, as well as your physical strength too.


Playing racketball is a great way to boost the intensity of your fitness regime. It can also improve your balance, strength and agility. With alternate bursts of high-intensity exercise while you score points and brief rest periods while you pick up the ball and serve, this stop-and-start activity is similar to interval training. Because racketball demands many twists, turns and dives, the game also helps you maintain flexibility and fine-tune your concentration and reaction time.


Research suggests that taking part in a game of racketball 2/3 times a week can cut your risk of developing heart disease and lower your blood pressure. You may even see improvements in long term back conditions too.


Join Brian every Monday morning at 10.30am and Alex every Thursday evening at 7.00pm. All welcome, first session is FREE (£5 per session thereafter).

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