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From Brian Ward - Club Racketball coach...

Too wet to play Tennis? Give Racketball a try!

Why not come along to our racketball mix in on Monday mornings 10:30am - 11:30am and give the game a go.

Many people think it is very fast like squash however it is a game that many older squash players enjoy as it is easier on the joints and you have a lot of time due to the ball being bigger and bouncing more. We can provide the rackets and balls along with a coach to guide you through the rules and tactics etc.

On a day like today when the tennis courts are awash with water you can come into a lovely dry court and still have a lot of fun and exercise. We have several tennis players already joining in and I am sure they will give you more details if needed about the game.

Lots to learn of course but if you can hit a ball and move then please come along and try it out. Speak to reception if you need further details or ask me, I am often around the Club

Brian Ward

Racketball Coach

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