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Bookings Update

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This is just a reminder to all members that for any bookings requiring a fee such as indoor tennis, fitness classes, ladies tennis mornings etc, members must have sufficient funds on their member account.


Reception staff are no longer able to accept bookings where either there are no funds on a members account or where no payment is given. The basic rule is payment must be made at the time of booking. So to make sure that you can make a booking at any time, you should ensure that you have enough funds in your membership account. 

How to top up your account
You can  top up your account at reception or the cafe bar either with cash or credit card. However it is recommended that you set up automatic top ups on your account.

Members who want to be able to top up online and have their card automatically topped up when it reaches a certain balance just need to set up a mandate with Go Cardless, an online direct debit company that we use.

Many members have already done this and registered online and are regularly using the online top ups and automatic top up process. The feedback has been positive with members saying that the registration process was simple and easy to follow. So please do give it a go if you have not done this already.

(note. for members who already have set up a mandate with Go Cardless for their membership /coaching payments, you will still need to set up the new mandate for your cafe bar purchases and court or class bookings. We are keeping them separate for administrative reasons and we also feel that members will find it clearer to monitor their finances with membership/coaching course fees being shown separately from incidental bar purchases and bookings.

For full details of how to set up an automatic top up click here

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