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REMINDER - How to change your notification preferences

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Please see a copy of our earlier email that was sent out in June outlining how to change your notification preferences.



.... Some members have been reporting to us that they were facing difficulty in locating the "my menu" on the website  to update their notification settings.

The my menu option is available on the bookings page on the website next to the calendar icons and "activity" - see image below

 Once you have selected "my menu, you have the option to update your consents and other info. Please take the time to tick/untick the boxes to suit your needs. If you don't wish to receive notification of  peak time cancellations, simply untick the box (circled in image below). Squash only members may find it useful to get these squash notifications but Gold members might find they get too many emails relating to tennis fitness and squash cancellations! You can choose.

You may also want to"tick" the "display your name on the bookings timesheet" option. This ensures that your name appears on any bookings that you have made which is useful for your partners/opponents to see the booking and the actual court that has been booked.

 See below

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