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TENNIS - automated sharing of indoor court costs

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You can now share the costs of your indoor booking automatically with the other players on your booking.


How it works...


When you book an indoor court - add the other players on the booking in the relevant box.

Note that the other players will need to have ticked the relevant boxes on "my consent" in their website account. If they haven't given consent, their name will not come up when you type their surname.


When you come to play on the day of your booking, the named players on your booking just need to select the booking on the "member PC" on the reception counter to check in, select the box with their name in and then present their membership card to the card reader and click OK when prompted.


Once this is done, their share of the cost of the booking will be deducted from their account and your account will simultaneously be credited by that amount.


IMPORTANT - You will need to put all 3 other players in the booking in order to split the cost 4 ways, (unless playing singles where only one other name is needed to split 50/50). If you only add two other players the costs will be split threeways!

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