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TENNIS - update your preferences for bookings

Since GDPR was introduced, there are still a number of members who have not ticked the relevant boxes in their "my consents" that will


  • display your name on the bookings screen when you book a court (useful for the other players on your booking to see that you have booked the court) If you haven't ticked the relevant consent, the court will just say"booked" rather than display your name.
  • display your details to other box league participants - pretty much essential for arranging matches.
  • display your name when another member is adding you as an opponent in the booking - essential for automated cost sharing of indoor court fees.
  • ensure you get confirmation and reminder emails for bookings.

So please check your consents...

On the club website, just click on "my account" at the top right of the header bar, then click "my consents" from the drop down list. Then just tick all the relevant boxes. (Ticking all of the boxes except for "peak time notifications" would ensure that all of the above is covered.)


Staff will be contacting members whose name is hidden just to check whether they actually have chosen this option on purpose.

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