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Guest visits and check in procedures

We recently revised the policy on guest use of tennis squash and fitness at the club and also procedures for checking in to play. This is just a reminder as there has been some confusion among some members over some aspects of the policy and procedures.

  • Members are able to bring a guest to the club to play tennis or squash. There is no limit to the number of times a "guest" can come and use the club as long as they are accompanied by a member and they check in and pay the relevant guest fee.
  • Members are not generally allowed to bring a guest to use the fitness centre. This would be by prior arrangement only and once arranged the same check in and guest fee procedure as above would apply.
  • The guest fees are £10/adults and £2.50/juniors and students.
  • If a member of one section is invited as a guest to use another section (e.g a fitness member playing tennis with a tennis member) the fee is £5/adults and £2.50/juniors and students


Free guest passes

Adult members have 4 free guest passes that they can use per calendar year. The principal behind the free guest passes is for inviting a friend to try out the Club or maybe if you have visiting friends or family from out of town. (The free guest passes are not intended as something that would be used by someone local to come regularly to the club as a guest of members.) The usual guest check in procedure applies - just tell reception that you are using one of your free guest passes. (the member using their free guest pass must be with the guest)


Bookings - always add/declare the other players on your booking

We introduced this recently and a big thank you to all the members who are now regularly adding/declaring the other players on their booking - we are seeing more and more members get into the habit of doing this, so thank you!

Ideally this should be done by adding the other player name/s when making the booking as it will save time when checking in for your court. If there are any non members playing on the booking, the guest fee should be paid. Note that if you are trying took a court at the "booking rush hour", eg at 8:30am when bookings open, you may not have time to enter all the players as you may miss getting your booking. Just book in your name only and go back later to add the other players if you were successful in getting your court.


Check in before play

Equally important is that you should always check in at reception before using your court. This can be done with the receptionist on duty but you may find it quicker and more convenient to do it yourself on the "self service" member PC - you will need your membership card to confirm check in.

The staff will be happy to assist with anyone who may be unsure of how to add other players to their bookings or use the self check in PC.


Sharing the cost of your indoor court booking

Members can take advantage of automated sharing of indoor court costs.

When you book an indoor court - add the other players on the booking in the relevant box.

Note that the other players will need to have ticked the relevant boxes on "my consent" in their website account. If they haven't given consent, their name will not come up when you type their surname. (If their name does not come up, it can also mean that their membership is not active, so let them or the club know either way!)


To share the costs, the named players must check in on the member PC at reception before the booking starts. When you come to play on the day of your booking, the named players on your booking just need to select the booking on the "member PC" on the reception counter to check in, select the box with their name in and then present their membership card to the card reader and click OK when prompted.

Once this is done, their share of the cost of the booking will be deducted from their account and your account will simultaneously be credited by that amount.



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