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TENNIS - New court numbering

Now that we will have 4 artificial clay courts at the club, we felt they warranted a "drop down" option of their own on the bookings system. It is also an opportune time to renumber the courts and we believe that, in time, this will make it easier to identify which court is which.

We will now number the courts as follows

Artificial grass 1,2,3,4 and 5

Artificial clay 1,2,3,4

Hard 1,2,3,4

Indoor 1,2,3,4

The numbering follows the direction east to west

The satellite view below shows the courts and their numbers


new number previous number
artificial grass 1 court 1
artificial grass 2 court 2
artificial grass 3 court 3
artificial grass 4 court 7
artificial grass 5 court 6
artificial clay 1 court 5
artificial clay 2 court 4
artificial clay 3 court 9
artificial clay 4 court 8
hard 1 court 11
hard 2 court 10
hard 3 court 12
hard 4 court 13


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