Membership account guide

A guide to your membership account that can be used for bookings and cafe bar purchases



Any bookings requiring a fee (e.g. indoor tennis courts, fitness classes, ladies tennis morning etc) are charged at the time of booking. For example If you book an indoor court for one hour, you will be charged the relevant amount (£10) for the court with the money being deducted from your card balance. Members therefore need to ensure that they have sufficient balance on their account to make advance bookings that require a fee.


Member loyalty scheme in the cafe bar

Using your card in the cafe bar will generate 10% loyalty that you will be able to use against most purchases on your next visit to the Club. The staff should advise you if you have a loyalty balance that you can use against a purchase, but if they forget to tell you, please ask.
Remember that you can check all your account purchases, your account balance and your loyalty balance at any time by logging on to the club website - just go to the members section - home page and select my account-my transactions.

How to top up your account

You can top up your account at reception or the cafe bar by credit card.

Members who want to be able to top up online and have their card automatically topped up when it reaches a certain balance just need to set up a mandate with Go Cardless, an online direct debit company that we use.

Many members have already done this and registered online and are regularly using the online top ups and automatic top up process. The feedback has been positive with members saying that the registration process was simple and easy to follow. So please do set it up if you have not done so already.


Alternatively you can opt to just opt to top up by credit card. 



(note. for members who already have set up a mandate with Go Cardless for their membership /coaching payments, you will still need to set up another mandate for your membership card use and bookings. We keep them separate for administrative reasons and we also feel that members will find it clearer to monitor their finances with membership/coaching course fees being shown separately from incidental bar purchases and bookings.


You can get your account ready now by going to the "members section home page" of the Club website and clicking on my account (top right on the header bar and selecting "Account Top-ups" from the drop down menu. It will take you to this pagesee the image below.





If you choose to set up automatic top ups, before you click on “register”, you will need to select the relevant amounts for:

Maximum limit per year: Make sure that you select an amount that will cover your anticipated annual spend at the club on bookings, classes, café bar purchases, tennis ball purchases etc. If in doubt, choose the higher limit, it will save having any issues later if you do need to increase your spending limit.

Top Up amount: This is how much you would like your account to be topped up by when your account reaches a certain balance. Ideally you should select an amount that will cover your maximum expected spend over a week.

Top up when credit at: This is the amount on your account at which point an automatic top up is triggered. You may always like to keep your balance at say £25 to ensure that you always have money on your account to make a booking.

Note-you will be able to change the “top up amount” / “top up when credit at” options later if you wish, when you have a better feel for how the automatic top ups are working for you. But you will not be able to change the maximum limit per year so easily, so as mentioned above, ideally select the highest amount.

To give you piece of mind, please remember that your direct debit mandate will be covered by the direct debit guarantee. You will also always get an email in advance of any debit about to be made through Go Cardless

When you click on register, you can then set up the mandate with Go Cardless (you will need your bank account details to hand)